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CHRON - Time Card Software

Shift table
Rotative shifts
Cost Analysis by Worked Time, OverTime, Night Time, Holidays
Time Bank
Employee Groups
Without employees quantity limitation
Security with Password
Customizable Reports
Pay-Roll software integration
Import data from electronic clocks
Print ticket for the worker in a matrix printer

How can an employee check-in?
Employees punch-in and out by using the keyboard or a barcode slot-reader. See more ...
Can employees change the system time?
The security system can be activated to ask for a password to authorize user changes in the system clock. See more ...
Can be information imported from Electronic Clocks?
The software read the records downloaded from compatibles electronic clocks. See more ...
Can connect to other manufacturers pay-roll software?
It can be generated a TXT file to export data to an external pay-roll software. See more ...

CHRON Time Card Software
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